$125 Million Enhanced FDIC Insurance per Account
4.00% APY Interest Rate on deposits
And so much more ...

Limit Exposure To Any One Bank

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$125 Million Enhanced FDIC Insurance

Enhanced FDIC insurance ensures that if a bank goes bankrupt, you get your deposits back. Standard coverage is limited at $250,000 per account, our platform enables up to $125 Million per account.

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How We Offer Enhanced FDIC Insurance

Our platform enables you to create accounts with our partner FirstBank, member FDIC, who splits deposits though their network of 1000+ partner banks through their partner IntraFi to ensure it's always protected while you enjoy an industry-leading 4.00% APY interest on deposits.

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One Bank Account, One Statement

Our platform handles everything in the backend so you get all the benefits of splitting your deposits with the simplicity of having just one account with one statement.

4.00% APY Interest on Deposits

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4.00% APY Interest on Deposits

While major banks may generate 4.00%+ interest on your deposited funds, they typically don't share those gains with you. At High Circle, we pass on those gains directly to you. As a result, you'll receive returns that are close to what a standard bank earns on your deposits.

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Your money is safe and accessible

Your money is secured and accessible, protected by FDIC insurance which is backed by the U.S government. You can rest easy knowing that your money is in good hands.

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Easy access to your funds

Withdraw your funds at any time without a lockup or waiting period from our platforms end. Enjoy fee-free same day or next day ACH and domestic wire transfers for hassle free access.
*Note that if the recipient bank places a hold or if the transaction occurs after the processing times for ACH and wire transfer, it might take until the next business day for funds to transferred

High Circle Smart Balance

Earn up to 4.00% APY extra on deposits

With High Circle Smart Balance, you can continue to use your current bank account as you do now, and any surplus funds will be seamlessly redirected to your High Circle Business Account with automated pre-authorized ACH transfers, managed by us, where it could earn additional interest. In less than 10 minutes, you can unlock the potential to earn up to an extra 4.00% APY on any excess working capital your business may have. All this while enjoying the security provided by a High Circle Business Account, though FirstBank.

**Usage of High Circle Smart Balance and availing its benefits requires opening a High Circle Business Account and linking it with your current bank account. It will not require changing any automatic transactions you have set up with your current bank account. By setting up automatic transfers, High Circle will ensure a minimum balance you specify will always be available in your High Circle Business Account subject to funds availability.

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Apply for a High Circle Business Account in Less Than 10 Minutes

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Link your existing bank account with your new High Circle Business Account

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Select the minimum balance of money you want to keep in your existing Account

*High Circle is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by FirstBank,
a Tennessee Corporation, Member FDIC
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Commercial Banking Redefined

Save on Fees

Domestic wire and  ACH transfers without any account minimums. Customize your banking experience to suit your needs.

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How we protect your money

• 2-Factor Authorization
• Secure Login
• 24/7 Customer Support

How we protect your data

• Industry-Standard Data Encryption
• Regular Infrastructure and Compliance Audits
• App-Specific Passwords